A selection of exceptional vineyards and treasures to discover

Domaine Gustave Lorentz
91 Rue des Vignerons 68750 Bergheim, France
The ancestors of the Lorentz family arrived in Bergheim in 1680. Already described as "gourmets", they have always had a foot in wine: farmers, winemakers, brokers. In 1836, Gustave Lorentz gave his name to the company. Today, the estate covers 33 ha in Bergheim, including 2 Grands Crus: Altenber...
Domane Zinck
18 Rue des 3 Châteaux 68420 Eguisheim, France
In Eguisheim, Domaine Zinck has been a family business for three generations. Sensitivity to nature is passed down from generation to generation, and their cultivation has been Ecocert and DEMETER certified since September 2021. In tune with terroir and trends, the domaine now favors dry, mineral...
Domaine Muré
Clos Saint-Landelin, Rouffach, France
Véronique and Thomas, sister and brother, are the 12th generation of the Muré family to perpetuate the estate. They manage 28 ha of Ecocert-certified vines since 1999, and biodynamic since 2013.
Domaine Weinzapfel
3 Rue de la Chapelle 68360 Soultz-Haut-Rhin, France
History After 30 years in the vineyards, Cathy and Marc accompany their children Audrey and Loïc, in the launch of winemaking and marketing in 2019. The transmission of the wine know-how and the passion of the profession since the great-grandfather, played a dominating role. Versatility and mutua...
Dopff & Irion
1 Cour du Château 68340 Riquewihr, France
Recognized as a wine-growing town since the Middle Ages, Riquewihr is a town conducive to the production of wines in Alsace. The geological richness of the Alsatian vineyard is so well represented. The singularity of its climate, sunshine and rainfall shape a remarkable oenology. Domaine Dopff & ...
Domaine Kirrenbourg
15c Route du Vin 68240 Kaysersberg, France
Domaine Kirrenbourg, born in 2015, aims to highlight the unique characters of Alsace's vineyards. Initiating this project, entrepreneur Marc Rinaldi surrounded himself with the most qualified professionals in their fields. A fitting return to the region where he grew up, and a way of restoring Al...
Domaine Eblin-Fuchs
19 Route du Vin 68340 Zellenberg, France
The Eblin-Fuchs estate was formed in 1956 by the marriage of Henry Eblin and Madeleine Fuchs, both from old winegrowing families. Taken over by their children in 1991, the family business has gone from strength to strength. In 1997, Christian Ebin and Laurence Leininger married and, in 2006, adde...
Cave de Beblenheim
14 Rue de Hoen 68980 Beblenheim, France
Discover the Alsatian grape varieties with the Beblenheim cellar. The cooperative winery of Beblenheim and the Maison Pierre Sparr Successors rub shoulders in the cellar. The first, with a family spirit, lists cooperators who respect biodiversity and the environment, and aims to obtain High Envir...
24 Grand Rue 68230 Katzenthal, France
Of Swiss origin, the Meyer family settled in Katzenthal in 1732. Two generations have succeeded Félix Meyer, the estate's founder, and left their mark. In the 1960s, his grandson François Meyer, helped by his uncle and aunt in the vineyards, Léon and Lucie Fonné, and supported by his wife Nicole,...
Domaine Koeberlé-Bléger
2 Rue Saint-Fulrade 68590 Saint-Hippolyte, France
The story of the domaine is one of marriage between two historic winegrowing families in Saint-Hippolyte, and the coming together of these two skills. In 2003, Christiane Bléger and Marc Koeberlé, married since 1991, combined their centuries-old family business. Already HVE certified and awaiting...
Domaine Loew
28 Rue Birris 67310 Westhoffen, France
In the historic center of Westhoffen, the small family-run Loew estate is thriving. Heir to a historic family, whose traces go back to the 18th century in Westhoffen, Etienne Loew created his estate in 1996. Trained as an oenologist, he taught for 10 years at a viticultural college, alongside his...
Domaine Scherb Bernard et fils
35 Rue des Forgerons 68420 Gueberschwihr, France
In Gueberschwihr, the first traces of the Scherb family date back to 1646, when they owned mixed farms. Winegrowers from father to son for 5 generations, Georges Scherb took over the reins of the company in 2010 to develop it further. Today, he owns 16 hectares of HVE level 3-certified vineyards,...
Domaine viticole de la ville de Colmar
2 Rue du Stauffen 68000 Colmar, France
Founded in 1895 by the famous ampelographer Chrétien Oberlin, the Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar enjoys a privileged location in the heart of Alsace's vineyards. Its 40 hectares of vineyards stretch mainly from Eguisheim to Ribeauvillé, offering a diversity of terroirs, geological richnes...
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Vins Schueller
6 Rue des Chasseurs 68420 Husseren-les-Châteaux, France
Hard work, a love of the land and a passion for wine have guided us for generations. Today, winemaker Damien Schueller continues the family tradition: harvesting the Eichberg and Pfersigberg Grands Crus, Crémant d’Alsace, and producing Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot blanc, gris and noir with res...
Vins d'Alsace
Freudenreich Jean-Luc
32 Grand-Rue 68420 Eguisheim, France
In the Freudenreich family, the art of winegrowing has been handed down from father to son since 1653, in Eguisheim. As a worthy heir, Julien-Arthur has recently taken over the management of the estate, following in the footsteps of his father Jean-Luc, who supports him. After studying in Rouffac...
Domaine de l'Ecole
8 Rue aux Remparts 68250 Rouffach, France
For over 150 years, Domaine de l'École has been both a winery and a place of learning. Located at the Lycée Agricole in Rouffach, it provides students with full-scale training. They work in viticulture, winemaking and wine sales, making the estate self-financing. A virtuous loop where exchange an...
Domaine François Schmitt
19 Rue de Soultzmatt 68500 Orschwihr, France
By taking over the family estate, François Schmitt refocused the activity on viticulture in the 70s. It acquired new slopes, including the Grands Crus Bollenberg and Pfingstberg, and expanded its premises. His son Frédéric joined the domaine in 1998, after completing his studies in viticulture an...
Domaine François Baur
3 Grand'rue, Turckheim, France
The François Baur estate was founded in the picturesque village of Turckheim in 1741. Following in his father Pierre's footsteps, Thomas Baur represents the 9th generation of the family vineyard. He draws on the know-how of his ancestors while keeping an open mind. The estate, which has been full...