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Beer Expo
June 14 to 16, 2024
Kaleidoscop Strasbourg

The 4th edition of the Strasbourg Beer Expo takes place at Kaleidoscoop, 5 rue de la Coopérative, Strasbourg. This annual event has become an unmissable celebration of craft beer.
From June 14 to 16, tastings, workshops, discovery of the 25 breweries and musical entertainment will punctuate every sip of beer…
Live music and DJ sets will enliven the evenings, creating a festive and dynamic atmosphere for participants.
The selection of food trucks is another outstanding feature of Expo, offering a variety of cuisines to complement the beers. From local Alsatian cuisine to international dishes, dining options are chosen to satisfy every palate.
Kaleidoscoop, 5 rue de la Coopérative, Strasbourg
Bus 2: Capitainerie stop – Tram D: Starcoop stop
Opening hours: Friday June 14: 5pm-11pm – Saturday June 15: 4pm-00am – Sunday June 16: 11am-6pm.

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France Bière Challenge in Saverne

The France Bière Challenge 2024: A Celebration of French Brewing Excellence

The veil has been lifted on the winners of the 7th France Bière Challenge, an event that showcases the talent of French brewers. With almost 500 beers entered in 38 categories, this epic clash took place on April 4 and 5 at the sumptuous Château des Rohan in Saverne, Bas-Rhin.

An impressive panel of 40 professional judges took on the responsibility of selecting the best creations from this plethora of flavors. It was a tall order, but these experts rose to the challenge with rigor and exacting standards.

This year, the France Bière Challenge awarded a total of 99 medals, including 35 gold. The event is distinguished by its remarkably high standards, with less than 20% of entrants rewarded. This rigorous approach makes each medal invaluable, offering significant recognition to the award-winning brewers.

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Master Chefs of France
Guide 2024

A friendly get-together was held on Monday May 27 at Jérôme Paquin’s Restaurant La Table in Bartenheim (68), bringing together many of the Grand Est region’s Maitre Cuisiners de France and renowned suppliers, to congratulate the new chefs honored by the association in 2024 and announce the launch of the Guide 2024.

Bruno POIRE, Chez Michèle – LANGUIMBERG (57)
Denis LALLEMAND, Auberge St Ulrich – Haut Clocher (57)
Jérôme PAQUIN, LA TAble de Jérôme Paquin – Le Gaulois – Barthenheim (68)

Chaired by Mathieu KOENIG (L’Arbre Vert BERRWILLER) and Sylvie GRUCKER (Le pressoir de Bacchus BLIENSCHWILLER), the event served as a reminder of the Association’s important role in motivating and training future talent.

A word of congratulations to Lisa RODRIGUES (La Table de Jérîome PAQUIN – Le Gaulois) who won the Special Dessert Prize in the Best Apprentice Cuiisiner of France 2024 competition in January this year.

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Guinguettes & Biergarten

Guinguettes are entertainment venues in France, sometimes located along rivers or streams. They were very popular from the 19th to the early 20th century, offering city dwellers a country getaway in picturesque, pleasant surroundings. The guinguettes featured music, dancing, food, drink and games.
They were renowned for their cheerful atmosphere and festive ambience.
Modern guinguettes continue this tradition, with live music, outdoor areas for relaxing and often typical French dishes.

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Charles Coulombeau
at the Centre Pompidou-Metz

The appointment of Charles Coulombeau, who has already proved his worth in the world of haute cuisine, marks a significant change of direction for the Centre Pompidou-Metz restaurant. It’s an exciting moment that promises to blend culinary art with contemporary art in a unique way. Many food critics and journalists have commented on this decision, offering a diverse perspective on the implications of this new direction.

One of the most positive reactions came from renowned food critic Marie Lambert, who declared in Le Monde: “Charles Coulombeau’s appointment is a masterstroke for the Centre Pompidou-Metz. His creative approach to cooking and passion for local ingredients promise an unforgettable culinary experience for visitors.

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