Brasserie Les Haras - Strasbourg

Maxime MULLER and chef François BAUR, ensure the success of the Brasserie Les Haras

In the heart of the old stud farms of Strasbourg, near the Hospices Civiles, La Brasserie, directed by Maxime MULLER and chef François BAUR, takes you into its sumptuous volumes and its atypical universe remained authentic for a lunch or dinner out of time.

Maxime MULLER - Francois BAUR - Brasserie Les Haras

The buildings, built in the mid-eighteenth century, have always had a dedicated use for the horse. Traditionally, the royal stud farms, then national, housed stallions and had to ensure the sustainability of the horse breed. When the buildings, owned by the city of Strasbourg, were definitively abandoned in 2005, several projects were born to give a new use to this magnificent architectural ensemble. One of these projects is proposed by IRCAD, under the direction of Professor MARESCAUX, to develop both an incubator for companies specializing in medical research, backed by a high-end accommodation and catering capacity in the Alsatian capital.
Jean-Pascal SCHARF, owner of the hotel group SOGEHO joins the project to ensure the high-end hotel part and Marc HAEBERLIN is asked to develop the catering aspect.
The innovative project thanks to the incubator aspect and consolidated by the professional partners, is retained by the city. From 2010, IRCAD undertook the first restoration works of the place, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, and under the control of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, the Architect of the Buildings of France, and the Regional Conservator of Historic Monuments.
The work was completed in September 2013, and La Brasserie and Hôtel Les Haras opened their doors to the public.

The Brasserie des Haras

For the entire project, the development of the Hotel and La Brasserie is entrusted to the firm JOUIN-MANKU of Paris. In these vast stables, classified as historical monuments since 1922, prestigious volumes lend themselves to architectural feats that are harmoniously integrated into the world of wood and stone of the place, with subtle reminders of the initial function of the place: through the use of upholstery leather and specific forms such as the horseshoe-shaped kitchen. The parquet floor, leather and furniture designed for the place reflect a warm and soft atmosphere.


Son of Isabelle Haeberlin, wife of Marc Haeberlin, Maxime forged an experience outside the family group. A graduate of the Institut Paul Bocuse in Ecully and the Alexandre Dumas hotel school in Illkirch, he did many internships abroad and worked in prestigious establishments such as the Raffles in Singapore, the Traube Tonbach in Baiersbronn in Germany (5* hotel and 3* Michelin restaurant). In Lyon, he trained in management control in a group of restaurants, which earned him to be hired as an operations manager by the school that trained him: the Institut Paul Bocuse. Maxime MULLER will move closer to Alsace to follow, since the genesis the project of the Haras and subsequently the site of La Brasserie in particular. He became its Chief Operating Officer when it opened in 2013.

François BAUR

Also trained at the hotel school in Illkich, François worked at Martinez in Cannes, La Table Gourmande in Fégersheim, Les Trois Rois in Basel (CH) with chef Eric Cizeron, a former student of Joël Robuchon. François Baur joined Marc Haeberlin’s brigade at L’Auberge de l’Ill in Illhaeusern (3* Michelin) from 1997 to 1998, before flying to the United States. In 2000, back in Alsace, he participated in the opening of the Brasserie Le Scala and strengthened his experience as a chef at the Zehnerglock, then at the Restaurant “Au Coq Blanc”.
He joined the project of La Brasserie des Haras and it is with Paul HAEBERLIN that he will develop the first menu in the kitchens of the Auberge de l’Ill in Illhauesern.

Success and evolution

The Brasserie des Haras offers tasty cuisine both regional and international. From the opening, success is at the rendezvous and will be confirmed beyond the simple curiosity for the place. Seasonal dishes, daily menus at affordable prices do the rest and allow from September 2014 to open even on Sundays! The number of personnel suffers and the brigade increases from 24 to 48 people. It must be said that the cutlery capacities are impressive: 150 seats inside and 100 seats on the terrace… The year 2016 sees the installation of a lounge terrace that increases the conviviality of the place and retains the high-end brasserie approach. The challenge remains constant and the teams strive every day to satisfy each customer as well by the quality of the welcome, the majesty of the places and the menu revisited according to the seasons.

23 Rue des Glacières 67000 Strasbourg – France

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