Auberge Obschel

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 10.30pm.

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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The Inn in the Forest

Located in the small town of Labaroche near Turckheim. The Auberge Obschel serves Alsatian specialties prepared with an incomparable love of the terroir.

Located in the heart of the Vosges forest, easily accessible from the Wine Route, the Auberge Obschel is an ideal gastronomic stop to gain strength or close a beautiful hike.

The Chef does not compromise on quality. Everything is homemade. From bread to pastries, with a selection of the best raw products and a particular affinity for making puff pastries. Poultry or wild boar pies depending on the season are the specialties of the Master Restaurateur and this member of the Federation of Chefs of Alsace. It declines the classics of the Alsatian cuisine of the soil.

Cadre atypique

Alsatian restaurant in Turckheim: gastronomic stop in the heart of the forest

In the freshness of the Vosges mountains, the Alsatian restaurant of Turckheim welcomes you to share their knowledge of traditional Alsatian cuisine.

The menu includes a wide choice whether as a starter, main course or dessert. As a starter, why not let yourself be tempted by the wild boar terrine and its raw vegetables. You can then continue with one of the 8 dishes available at the restaurant. Bite à la reine and homemade spätzlés, smoked collar and grilled potatoes, quiche of the day, onion pie, pie, hot pâté, omelette.

And finally, you have the choice between 13 desserts. Brie with kirsch, chocolate pear mousse, 3 chocolate mousse, raspberry passion mousse. But also black forest, pies according to seasonal fruits, frozen vacherin. Not to mention the great classics éclairs, mille feuilles, Paris Brest, opera, Santo Domingo, tartlet.

The restaurant also offers suggestions that are dishes to be enjoyed in groups from 10 people. They contain even more specialties such as Fleischnackas, sauerkraut or liver dumplings.

An Alsatian restaurant proud of its region

The Obschel hostel makes you discover or rediscover typical Alsatian dishes. They are made with fresh and local products as they like to remind you. By being so well established close to nature, they understood the importance of the origin of their products. And this for our greatest pleasure.

They work as much as possible with local producers to share the real Alsatian specialties made with products from the region.

Being located near Turckheim, the restaurant also suggests some activities and places to visit during your stay on the Wine Route.

The major places are‘Church of St. Anne, the State Court of Munster, the house of the chaplain. You can visit the castle of Hohnack, the museum of wood trades, the memorial museum of the battles of the pocket of Colmar and the memorial museum of Linge 1914-1918.

Want to hike? Take a tour on the trails of the small and large Hohnack or the rock of the Crows (small Vosges sandstone massif). If you already know them, there is the dragon trail, the Turckheim wine or the balloon of Alsace.

An experienced Alsatian chef

Maurice Petit knows very well all the specialties of the region. He skillfully handles all the different ingredients to offer dishes with perfect cooking. The Chef serves us his interpretation of traditional Alsatian cuisine.

He mixes with skills thanks to the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of his career. His inn is now his little piece of paradise. Where are welcomed tourists and regulars to share everything he loves in catering.

Namely: traditional meals, good products and a warm atmosphere. All at a very reasonable price for a service of this quality.

A baker and pastry chef by training, the Chef is known for his homemade puff pastries such as the Vol-au-vent des Bouchées à la reine.

He holds the title of Master Restorer which is a controlled certification given by the State. This title testifies to his professionalism and the freshness of the products he uses. He is also a member of the Chefs d’Alsace.

An Alsatian establishment in Turckheim exotic

Located in the forest between Turckheim and Labaroche, easily accessible for groups of hikers. The hostel transports as much by the taste as by its atmosphere.

The Alsatian restaurant of Turckheim is a former forest house, transformed a few years ago into a restaurant for hikers, tourists and locals.

Whether for a walk or hiking, do not hesitate to go through the hostel to taste their delicious cuisine which has many qualities. Including the typical and hearty dishes, the vitality and authenticity of the place, the good value for money, the excellent homemade pastries, their large and pleasant terrace and their large green area with the children’s playground and its swing.

All the reasons are good to go to the restaurant. You will first be charmed by the place and the fast and smiling staff. Then it will be the turn of your taste buds to marvel at their cuisine and you will leave with the conviction that you will return to the Auberge Obschel.

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