Au Port du Canal

Open from Thursday to Monday.
From 12:00 to 14:30 and from 18:30 to 22:00.

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Enjoy delicious fish and shellfish.

Fish restaurant in Colmar: innovative and elaborate

Located along the Logelbach canal from which it takes its name, the restaurant Au Port du Canal is an essential address in Colmar to taste good fish and shellfish.

Specializing in seafood and river products, Au Port du Canal is the right place to enjoy tasty fish and shellfish. Each week, suggestions are proposed according to the arrivals. In addition you can find meat and game offered in season.

Although located several hundred kilometers from the sea, this restaurant offers fish of various qualities. This may suit both fans and the most modest consumer of fish and seafood. Combining simplicity and knowledge of seafood, he has on his menu one of the best Fish and Chips in the region made with pikeperch aiguillettes.

On site or to take away, the property offers various seafood platters. Oysters, whelks, Spanish mussels, sea almonds, cake claws, langoustines, giant shrimps are present. All accompanied by various toppings and sauces. And depending on demand, the Chef can add lobster and lobster.

Poisson et fruits de mer

A well-matched menu

The restaurant adapts and offers special menus during events that are. It offers you the possibility under reservation to serve you exceptional dishes exclusively on request. We note for example the paella or Breton lobster prepared with care. In this case, the lobster will be presented to you alive if you wish. The chef then presents two successive lobster dishes (one cold and one hot) meticulously cut. Your hosts will provide you with the right tools to enjoy a dish of this quality to the last crumb.

Do not hesitate to take a look at their Facebook page to keep up to date with the specialties highlighted at the time of your reservation.

Fish but not only!

Even if it is famous for its fish and shellfish, the most carnivorous among us are not neglected. The fish restaurant in Colmar also offers several choices of meats such as local game hunting or other meats à la plancha.

A precise selection of meat

The choice of meats also depends on the season. This allows a discovery at each passage in their restaurant. The sauces accompanying each of the dishes are homemade and make sure to bring out the best of each food that sublimates their taste without distorting it. And after the main course, the fish restaurant offers different desserts that will not leave anyone hungry. Try their delicious rum baba or crunchy meringue at first and melting inside the mouth.

Spoilt for choice at the fish restaurant in Colmar

The knowledge of the products they use combined with a wide range of choices depending on the period makes them a regular destination for many of their customers. Even the most reluctant end up conquered. They leave with the idea that they will come back and why not to eat a fish that we would not make at home for lack of time, desire or know-how. Going to eat at Port Du Canal means offering yourself the opportunity to sail in deeper waters. But also to go to the discovery of new products or simply to stay on these achievements. Enjoy classic mastery to perfection highlighted by the chef’s skills.

A moment of sharing

Because a meal is not just about eating but also being served, the staff at Au Port Du Canal ensures that you have the most pleasant time possible.


Restaurateurs involved

The fish restaurant in Colmar belongs to a couple who took over the restaurant at the end of 2017. The husband is in the kitchen and the wife is at the service. The owners of Au Port Du Canal have set up a harmonious and friendly decoration in a spacious building. They will succeed in seducing you thanks to the attention to detail. Like the wine that is presented to you in bottle to ensure that it is to your liking. Or their experience that allows them to be of good advice in the choice of fish and accompaniments. Au Port Du Canal allows you to enjoy a good meal in peace and enjoy the moment spent around the table.

A tasting adventure at the fish restaurant in Colmar

We therefore remember the uniqueness of each visit to the restaurant which are both different for our taste buds but also similar because lulled by the sympathy and benevolence of the guests of this place which has now become an unmissable.

Also to know! The mistress of this place speaks fluent German which can allow a more pleasant moment than in other restaurants to potential German-speaking customers.