Le Gavroche

At the helm of the restaurant since 1991, the Fuchs family welcome you in a soft and warm atmosphere to make you discover different seasonal dishes.

Open Monday to Friday.

From 12:00 to 13:30 and from 19:30 to 21:30.
Seasonal local cuisine

Very close to the Place d’Austerlitz, the Gavroche table is a haven of calm and greed. Welcomed by Lucile’s smile and her good advice in the choice of wines, you will appreciate the cuisine of the Chef, Alexy Fuchs, based on a rigorous selection of Alsatian products worked with exotic touches. Real partnerships are set up with local artisans: the neighboring bakery L’Allégorie provides bread, and the delicatessen of Benoit Fuchs (Chef Alexy’s father) “Terroir et Nature” selects and refines beautiful cheeses for the Gavroche menu.

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Authentic restaurant in Strasbourg: Le Gavroche

More than 25 years of know-how

Located a few steps from Strasbourg Cathedral, the Gavroche was first directed by Benoit Fuchs. It was in September 2018 that his son took over, making the establishment one of the last family homes in Strasbourg.

Alexy, in the kitchen, selects the products and its suppliers to sign a menu of seasonal dishes embellished with an Asian touch. Definitely a souvenir of his many trips to Malaysia.

<>br Creativity on the plate

The dishes are varied and change according to the seasons. In addition, one of the wishes of the family has always been to have a responsible kitchen that uses local products. First held by the father of the family, he managed to make it a recognized address in Alsace. And it is with brilliance that his son continues to make their restaurant shine by redoubling his creativity and maintaining the authenticity of the restaurant.

On the menu: roasted sea bass, coriander and lemon shellfish swimming, artichoke, marbled cromesquis, Breton lobster with coral butter, crispy berlingots, Newburg emulsion. Or the “organic” beef tenderloin, bacon, pan-fried liver, candied vegetables of the moment will delight the most delicate palates. And for dessert, raspberry tartlet, lemon yuzu, tangy cottage cheese sorbet, Mi cooked chocolate without flour, cooked in casserole, spearmint sorbet. Or why not a Poached Ice Peach with verbena, ice cream with tchuli pepper.

There is also a wide choice of wines by the glass and a sharp selection of Alsace wines by Lucile. There is no shortage of reasons to walk through the door of this establishment, which has enjoyed a loyal clientele for 28 years.

Together, the couple visits the winegrowers they integrate into their menu. In other words, nothing is left to chance!

A friendly and family brand

The creation of an authentic restaurant in Strasbourg

In 1991, Benoit Fuchs decided to take over an old creperie with about fifteen covers. He is then joined in the adventure by his wife Nathalie who even if she is not in the trade will bring her support and help in the creation of the establishment.

The name “Gavroche” is reminiscent of a famous character in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. He is defined by his joie de vivre and character. Exactly the atmosphere that is transmitted inside the establishment. An authentic setting and friendly and welcoming staff.

A turning point for the restaurant and the Fuchs family

It was at the age of 56 that Benoît Fuchs sold the establishment to his son and his partner who had shown great interest in taking over. The father was very enthusiastic because the restaurant represented a long time of his life the recovery of his son will bring him freshness and continuity. They had already made father-son creations and it is with pleasure that his father observes his choices and that he will help him in case of need.

Alexy Fuchs grew up with the restaurant. He regularly came to see his father when he was a child. This is what made him develop his interest in cooking. When his son comes to see him in his restaurant today, he is filled with pride and nostalgia.

An authentic and warm setting

Today, Lucile, a very smiling young woman, welcomes you and advises you in a soft and warm atmosphere. The authentic restaurant in Strasbourg is a quiet setting in this lively district of Austerlitz. She took over from Nathalie Fuchs with whom she worked for nearly 5 years. It was she who trained her thanks to her experience in the restaurant.

Lucile Fuchs has been working at Le Gavroche for 7 years and is now part of the establishment. She brings a sensitivity to the place of which only she has the secret.

The atmosphere is casual and inspired just like the dishes of the trips the owners have made in Asia. We recognize Japanese and sober decorations using wood and benches to reinforce the conviviality of the place. On the walls some floral decorations bring an exotic Asian charm. All very rightly lit by a bay window that allows only what is needed of light

A setting and an authentic map in Strasbourg

As a couple, with family or friends, come and discover an unparalleled place in Strasbourg. Enjoy an inspired setting and map that is rare to find in Alsace. For 29 years, the restaurant has been sold out thanks to word of mouth and the quality of the products they use. Don’t forget to book in advance because the authentic restaurant is very popular and you will not find a place by improvising an evening at the Gavroche.


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